About Us

Welcome to Halal Guides, a dedicated team of Muslims committed to obtaining and sharing the most reliable information about what is halal or not. Our focus areas encompass finance, food, and lifestyle, aiming to provide you with the utmost guidance in these aspects.

The creation of this website stems from our desire to assist Muslims, particularly those residing in the United States, North America, Europe, and other regions around the world, in leading halal lifestyles while effectively managing their daily lives.

Having spent more than a decade in America, we encountered the constant challenge of making halal-conscious decisions, whether it was determining what to purchase, where to allocate our finances, or addressing various lifestyle choices. The recurring question that echoed within us was, “Is it halal?”

Furthermore, this platform was developed with the intent to satiate our own pursuit of a comprehensive source that could address the multitude of queries we had regarding halal matters. We embarked on a journey to gather all the necessary information, bringing it together in one place for the benefit of the global Muslim community.

Our Mission

At Halal Guides, our mission is to educate Muslims worldwide, equipping them with the knowledge required to lead a halal Islamic life. Our unwavering commitment involves making every effort to provide you with access to a wealth of available information. We empower you to determine whether or not anything qualifies as halal, granting you the autonomy to make informed decisions aligned with your beliefs and values.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we strive to navigate the complexities of halal living together. Let Halal Guides be your trusted companion in your pursuit of a halal lifestyle, offering guidance, support, and a comprehensive understanding of what it means to live in accordance with Islamic principles.

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